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360 Degrees – MIA DNB

Ever since DJ and Producer 360 Degrees discovered the tables in 1996, his passion for jungle and hip hop has been a shining force, providing a solid foundation for his current endeavors with the M.I.A Drum & Bass, 1200 Hustle, Tightstep Concept, OTB Soundsystem, and Sandia Recordings. Known for his finesse at mixing hip hop, jump up, and all other genres of dnb while incorporating turntablism has set him apart and given uniqueness to his name. Six months after his start, 360 began spinning countless parties alongside Stateside giants such as Pish Posh, Tester, Phantom 45, Danny the Wildchild, DJ 3D, Dieselboy, and more. “I just started spending all my time and money on my music. It was like I had an addiction,” he says. Known for being a pioneer in the Junglist Movement throughout his native Mississippi and the entire Southeast, 360 has built an impressive resume with a long list of accomplishments and associates. In 2001, he was a runner up in Rawkuts National Mixtape Contest and in 2005 won first prize in a Regional Dj Competition. Since then, he has been touring across the U.S.A. playing such legendary nights as Respect Thursdays(Los Angeles, CA), Breakbeat BBQ(Orange County, CA), and DnB Tuesdays(Seattle, WA). As well as one off warehouse parties compliments of Luciferous Entertainment(Denver, CO) and at such clubs as Norad Dance Bar(Denver, CO), The Baltic Room(Seattle, WA), and The Dragon’s Den(New Orleans, LA). His membership in Outthabox Soundystem, Straight Out Da Lab Productions, Rules of Culture, Tightstep Concept, Hectic Bass, and now MIA Drum & Bass, and 1200 Hustle have set him up with longtime comrades Dj Proppa Bear, Repercussion, Deluded, NLIC, Mr. Fluid, and Dj Kaotic of Company of Strangaz(Denver, CO) for many projects, including Monthlies, headliner parties and music production, where 360 is now focusing much of his attention. “I am all about learning. I was once told if you go in thinking you know everything, you will learn nothing. So I try to remain humble,” he says. 360’s influences are apparent: “I think I would have to give credit to hip hop and dnb for changing my life,” he says. But, inspired by everything from blues to jazz and r&b and soul, 360’s wide range of influences and collaborations mean big things for his new releases dropping in the coming year. Stay tuned!


  • Artists We Also Like -Pish Posh aka Dj Wally, Danny The Wildchild, Phantom 45, Dieselboy, Dara, AK1200, R.A.W, Craze, Qbert, D-Stylez, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher…
  • Influences -I have a ton of influence from my friends, family, and co-workers. I am influenced by my day to day life. It comes out in my music. I have a ton of love and respect for the people around me. I am constantly trying to meet and educate new people on our music and culture.
  • Band Interests -To further educate and dominate the EDM/Bass Music/Drum & Bass Scenes.
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